Hi !

My name is Anne, I am a designer based in Paris. I enjoy storytelling and the process of develop ideas and experiences, as much as I love to take care of small details. 

Since 2017, I have helped clients communicating about their products to the right audience crafting a personality that amplifies the core elements to their brand's DNA. Part of my work we can’t see is helping clients to manage their brand at scale. And I had the opportunity to develop design systems at Convelio, Reelevant, Renault-Nissan to give them flexibility to manage their brand exactly how they want through the implementation of design tokens. 

I have worked in the past for multi-disciplinary in-house teams and studios in Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and for various industries from automotive, banking to entertainment and luxury brands.

When I am not in front of my computer, I enjoy making embroidery on second-hand clothes.

For commissions and inquiries please contact: anneb.morel[at]gmail.com

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