ANNE MOREL Portfolio

FLIP - Orange Jeunes Designers

Date - October - December 2017
Role - UX/UI, art direction
Tools - Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro

Let’s reinvent money with Orange - Orange Young Designers Competition #6

Orange has launched the sixth edition of its Orange Young Designers competition. It aims to use this international competition of ideas to promote creativity and create a new expressive space for recent design graduates, creatives, makers and digital enthusiasts.

The new competition theme is « Let’s reinvent money with Orange ».

In a few short years, we have gone from the cash generation to the plastic generation to today’s cashless generation.
With the development of digital, new payment, money management and exchange technologies are hitting the global market every day:

> Payments
Local currencies and cryptocurrencies are emerging to encourage exchanges that meet local needs

> Money management
A wide range of applications can now be used to raise money online, manage multiple accounts, save, make purchases, or transfer money

> Exchanges
Certain applications now enable individuals or community members to exchange goods and services without using money (…)

  • What new services can we design to even more closely meet everyone’s unique needs?
  • How can we help the general public easily and securely adopt these services?
  • Can this new experience foster a more just economy?

The project

FLIP is a mutualized saving book available online where subscribers can save and invest shared funds remotely. FLIP is designed for friends, neighbours, colleagues or anyone united by common values or projects and wishing to establish a relationship of trust. FLIP has an interest rate increasing according to thresholds reached by the value of investment. This incites people to save together to make the investment pool grow and benefit from higher interest rates. Each member can borrow money from the shared saving book but it has to be accepted by everyone and has to meet some refund terms. As a tontine, FLIP has cycles and the collected funds belong to FLIP until the redistribution of money in proportion to what each member has contributed.

- Extracts from the video


FLIP has been one of the 29 project selected - among the 134 projects -to be part of a short-lived exhibition at Monnaie de Paris - Quai de Conti about our perspective on money in a fast-growing digital ecosystem.