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Reelevant is an on-demand content engine that allows its users to generate personalized content in real time to plan unique cross-channel marketing campaigns.

I have joined Reelevant as a principal designer and have worked closely with stakeholders, engineers to build the minimum viable product of the app’s eco-system. 

Create an automating workflow to level up marketing campaign

Only 1 in 10 people interct with marketing messages, and marketers are using a wide array of tools to plan, track and monitor marketing campaign but they often operate in silos. Marketers often used generic content for their marketing campaign as it makes it difficult to build individualized content adapted to each consumer’s behaviour at large scale.

Reelevant is a live email intelligence technology that analyzes the context and the behavior of each opener to deliver the message at the best moment and display the most relevant content in real time.

To make it so, Reelevant is a 3-app eco-system and it works like this:

A Hub to gather data

Data is at the heart of Reelevant’s strategy. The first step is to plug data from any integration, marketing & ESP tools that can be connected to the the Data Hub.

Workflow automation

Users can design, build and automate anything using the Workflow app - a no-code automation platform that allows users to build orchestrate content using a decision-based logic.

User can create a template of texts, images or animated visuals based on dynamic attributes. Start from a trigger actions and connect it to apps and tools in a drag and drop interface.

Generate user-centric content

Generating visual content is the last part of the puzzle to build an efficient marketing campaign. By connecting data from the hub, the content builder is a tool made for content creation by consolidating images, documents, and content in a single location.

A design system for scale 

Starting from scratch, I had to make sure the guidelines were clear enough to ensure brand consistency. The main goal is to create a documentation sharing guidelines and interface information that will speak to the whole product team. Along with front-end development team, we have defined design tokens for core-styles elements: typography, colors, font-sizes, spaces, shadows, z-indexes, breakpoints, icons.

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