UbisoftClub - Take A Tour


December 2017


UI Designer


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects

The Ubisoft Club is a free to join loyalty rewards program that offers to members extra game content, limited edition goodies and discounts in the shop. As a UI designer assistant, I have worked closely with UX designers and the Creative team (Creative director, Art director) from Ubisoft Montreal in building the landing page of the website, which explains what is Ubisoft Club to new comers.

Overlaying the message on top of the image creates impression of depth. This helps to draw the viewer into the image. By cutting out sections of the type, there is the illusion that the text is part of the image. This effect had to be done in the 12 locations the website has.

Motion helps to increase the understanding of the content and it also illustrates the features the platform offers to its players. The illustration has been made by the Creative team based in Montreal but I was asked to animate them.